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Business As Unusual: It's a Sign!
May 14, 2020
Business As Unusual: It's a Sign!

What Signage Do I Need to Reopen?

As Ontario begins to re-open for business, start preparing now so that you are ready to open your doors when the government gives you the green light. For businesses that have public-facing spaces such as a reception area or a retail space, this means preparing signage to enforce physical distancing and to make sure that both visitors and staff are kept safe. If you are new to the world of COVID-19 signs like we are, check out these tips from the experts at Custom Sign Lab:    

  1. Think about the customer’s journey as they enter your establishment

Put yourself in your customer/visitors’ shoes. They might feel nervous to enter a public space and unsure where to go. Sometimes it is hard to tell if you are 2 meters apart or not. Take the guesswork out of where they should walk or line up. Use floor graphics to mark waiting spots in a line, arrows to direct the flow of traffic, mark which door to enter and exit from and place reminders to wash hands or indicate if you require a face mask in your space.

  1. Order ahead before there are shortages

Supply chains have been disrupted as a result of COVID-19. Get your materials printed or your name on waitlists to avoid delaying your opening because you don’t have the safety materials you need. In particular, plexiglass barriers for retail counters and reception desks are already seeing delays, so get your order in now. 

  1. Make your signs noticeable

Keep the message on your signs clean and simple, do not clutter the message. For example, two footprints in a red circle with the note “please wait here” will clearly mark where visitors’ need to stop and wait in line.

Also, make sure that the colors of your signs do not blend into your storefront or surroundings. Choose colours that are opposite of your branding so that they really stick out. Colours such as red and green are eye-catching. 

  1. One sign is probably not enough

Make sure that you overcommunicate your safety protocols. Post signs in your windows, outside, on the doors and first thing when people enter your establishment. If you post just one sign, people are likely to miss it. But if you post your message on multiple signs, people are more likely to notice it.

But signage isn't just for customer-facing workplaces. Employees in offices and other physical workspaces can benefit from the clarity they provide just as much!

Most Importantly, Stay Safe

Remember, your visitors and staff will know that the signs you post are in their best interest. The safety measures that you put in place will help them feel safe and comfortable to return to your business again.

If your business could use some expert advice as you return to business as unusual, get in touch with us and we can help you establish a strategy to re-open your workplace. Or, for all things sign related, reach out to our friends at Custom Sign Lab


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