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Business As Unusual: Training Through A Pandemic
May 8, 2020
Business As Unusual: Training Through A Pandemic

Provincial governments are preparing plans to re-open workplaces. However, it is clear that we won’t be returning to business as usual. From an HR perspective, there are workforce challenges and health and safety considerations that you should be thinking through prior to the re-opening of your busines. Essential HR is bringing you a 5-part series examining all things people related that you should start planning for as your business re-opens its physical workspaces.   

Part 5: How to train and manage employees in the wake of the COVID-19 chaos?

Something that probably is not on your radar yet is employee training. Your business may have pivoted or made changes to how you do work in order to adapt to the changes brought about by COVID-19. Perhaps there are new technologies that you had to roll out in order to facilitate working from home. Whatever the changes are, make sure that your employees are trained to be able to optimize the technology, be proficient in the new workflows, or provide exceptional customer service. For tips about training on a budget, check out this blog.

Performance management is another topic that you are probably not thinking about. You may need to revise KPIs and bonus metrics to reflect the new operating reality that you are experiencing. Ensure that changes to a bonus structure are within contract requirements and are communicated to impacted employees. Managers should sit down with their employees to review how their performance goals have changed and identify training that may be needed to help employees meet their performance goals.   

 Get ahead of the rest by knowing your business as unusual plan:

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Part 5: Training Through a Pandemic



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