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Why is HR essential to your business?

It is more than employee files and insurance forms. It is communication, conflict resolution,
and planning for the present and the future of your company.  

Having an HR partner on your team is your connection to someone with years of experience handling people situations as they arise. Because of their knowledge, they find solutions and make decisions in a fraction of the time that it would take for someone without the qualifications.  

Essential HR gives business owners flexibility and customized options so they can have an expert on their team without the full-time expense.  In summary, we have the experience and
we get it done. Let us provide HR relief.

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Laura Tolhoek knows that when businesses face HR problems, there is no room for ambiguity, only positive results.   Her professional insight allows her to sort through the details and get to the root of the situation quickly.

For over 15 years, Laura has used sound HR practises with a pragmatic approach to improve business performance. She has worked with some of the biggest players in the restaurant, food service and retail world as an integral member of the HR team.

Laura is also Certified Human Resource Leader (CHRL) through the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA).

Her passion is navigating through situations with Managers, helping guide decisions, and instilling confidence with actionable steps. She is comfortable dealing with  complex issues that arise in fast paced industries and recognizes the tenacity required for a company, large or small, to be successful. 

In her spare time, Laura enjoys the company of her husband and two children. The kids continue to help her hone her leadership skills of negotiation and compromise, and almost a decade in, her husband is starting to warm up to the performance reviews. On a summer day, you will find her on a softball diamond, gardening, or cheering on the Blue Jays. She is also a big fan of HGTV. She appreciates all sorts of travel, provided it in no way resembles camping.

Let Us Provide HR Relief
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