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Reduce Your Risk When Holiday Party Planning
November 17, 2019
Reduce Your Risk When Holiday Party Planning

We’re reaching that time of year when the holiday party planning begins! 75% of organizations plan some sort of holiday event for their teams and this can be a great way to celebrate all the hard work they’ve put in this year. Holiday parties are often a fun time but how do you ensure that you are not opening up the door for liability?

  • Be Considerate of Other Religions

Canada is culturally diverse so it is likely that you have a diverse workforce. When planning your party be sure to avoid calling the party something specific like “Annual Christmas Party”. Be respectful of other religions that celebrate different holidays during this season. 

  • Set a Specific Time

Limit the number of hours of the event. By hosting it straight away after work hours, it avoids time for the pre-party which may involve consumption of alcohol. You may choose to host it in the afternoon and close the office early. 

  • Provide Transportation

If there will be alcohol served at the party, provide alternative transportation to avoid drinking and driving. You can pre-book taxis or we drive to allow attendees an easy alternative. 

  • Don’t over serve.

Limit the number of alcoholic drinks someone can consume if you are serving alcohol at the event. You can do this by limiting the number of hours, closing the bar during a meal or handing out drink tickets. 

  • Entertainment

Provide other options than drinking. Not only is this respectful to those who do not consume alcohol but it changes the tone of the event and minimizes alcohol consumption. This could include a game or a gift exchange.

Send out a memo to employees prior to the event to let them know what expectations are. Guests should still have a good time but feel comfortable with no regrets coming into the office afterwards! 

Have a Safe & Enjoyable Holiday Party! Let us know what you are doing for your holiday party this year!

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