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Personality Tests When Hiring: Proceed With Caution
By Renata Hyszko Posted:
When using personality testing as part of the recruitment process there are steps that employers must take to ensure that they remain in compliance with candidate privacy rights and human rights.
Should I Conduct a Background Check for Recruitment Purposes?
By Laura Tolhoek Posted:
You want to ensure that your recruitment process results in the best quality candidate for the job. So, should you conduct a background check as part of your hiring process?
Social Profiles and Potential Recruits
By Laura Tolhoek Posted:
Considerations around digital background checks in the age of social media.
Are Reference Checks Still Relevant?
By Laura Tolhoek Posted:
Are reference checks still a valuable use of time?
What Would You Do: If You Have a Preferred Internal Candidate?
By Laura Tolhoek Posted:
What would you do if you have a job opening available and a preferred internal candidate? Is there a point in posting the job for other internal employees to apply?
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