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Business as Unusual: Return to Workplace Framework
By Lynette Zehr Posted:
Is this your first time preparing a workforce to return to the office in the wake of a global pandemic? Take a page out of our notebook and use our Return to Work Framework to build your strategy.
Business As Unusual: It's a Sign!
By Lynette Zehr Posted:
What type of signage do you need during Covid-19 as your business reopens? Its time to make a plan for preparing signage to enforce physical distancing and to make sure that both visitors and staff are kept safe.
Business As Unusual: How Do Employees Come Back?
By Lynette Zehr Posted:
Provincial governments are preparing plans to re-open workplaces. However, it is clear that we won't be returning to business as usual.
By Laura Tolhoek Posted:
What would you do if, following a workplace accident, your employee is absent?
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