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Have You Hired an Independent Contractor or an Employee? How do you know?
By Bridget Nicholls Posted:
There are significant legal differences to note between Independent Contractors & Employees. If you are a business owner, you may face misclassification; therefore, you should take the time to understand the differences.
Are policies anything more than workplace rules?
By Bridget Nicholls Posted:
Having a well-drafted policy improves the operational efficiency of a workplace, as they serve several legal and communicative functions.
Animals in the Workplace
By Charlotte Mahy Posted:
A survey by the Society for Human Resources Management found that 7 percent of organizations now allow pets in the workplace. What do you need to know from an HR perspective?
Using Emojis in the Workplace
By Laura Tolhoek Posted:
When communicating for job-related purposes the goal should be to keep your messages professional. Where do emojis fit into this?
Should I Conduct a Background Check for Recruitment Purposes?
By Laura Tolhoek Posted:
You want to ensure that your recruitment process results in the best quality candidate for the job. So, should you conduct a background check as part of your hiring process?
Employee Files - Oh, What Fun!
By Laura Tolhoek Posted:
How to organize your files to separate out Legal, Training, Medical and WSIB information to ensure efficiency and privacy.
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