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It is more than employee files and insurance forms.  It is communication, conflict resolution, and planning for the present and the future of your company.

We are passionate about working with businesses and implementing HR strategies to attract and retain the best talent!

Essential HR gives business owners flexibility and customized options so they can have an expert on their team without the full-time expense. We do it differently! We not only provide advice, guidance, and solutions, ...we are hands-on, full-cycle implementors of your organization's vision!

In summary, we have the experience and we get it done. Let us provide HR relief.

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What We Do

By Lynette Zehr
What Would You Do?: Employee Excessively Surfs the Internet

Manage the performance issues behind employees who excessively surf the internet....Read More

By Lynette Zehr
What Would You Do?: Employee Posts Slander on Social Media

When employees' social media posts are damaging to a company's reputation, disciplinary actions should be taken....Read More