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An employee’s onboarding experience sets the tone for the employment relationship and expresses your corporate culture. No pressure, right?

Onboarding program creation services will have you set up with a system from pre-boarding to 90-day feedback conversations customized for your workplace with no sweat off your brow.


Attention Owners and Managers who want...

...your new employees to have a great first day, first week and first-month experience! hires to be contributing more effectively in less time!
...a pre-boarding checklist to know you have left nothing undone in anticipation of your employee’s first day! update the documents that were put together from 15 years ago and make your new hire training relevant now!

Quit piecing together a plan for your new hire’s training 30 minutes before they arrive on a Monday morning. Let us build you an all-in-one, print-and-go solution that will make you confident and collected each time you roll out the red carpet for your next dream team member.


You are definitely not the first person to feel unprepared when someone new starts.

And we know that despite your best intentions, you just can’t get to updating those documents and checklists you started creating. And, it’s been so long that your team has changed, and your business is so different that they are likely no longer relevant.

Or, maybe you have spent 3 days googling documents and printing potential best practices off of the world wide web … only to be shoved in a file after they were lying on your desk for a month?

If you are ready to recycle those printouts and have seasoned professionals work with you and your team to determine the most important aspects when bringing a new person on board:

  • Integrating them into the team, and
  • having them contribute as quickly as possible.

Do you remember being a new employee, excited to start on your first day only to have your enthusiasm within the first 5 minutes by being presented an ill-prepared workstation with outdated policies to read so that your new boss can have a couple of minutes to put out a few early morning fires? Are you looking to avoid that scenario at all costs in your business?

Let’s peek into your future, where you’ll be able to have a system in place that provides an incredible experience that solidifies your new hire’s belief that they made the right choice in joining your team, without it taking up 40 hours of your workweek:

A system that not only increases your new team members’ confidence in their new role but catapults their commitment to your organization and (increases) their cultural integration and connectedness to the team.

At Essential HR, our approach to creating an onboarding program starts well in advance of the employee’s first day and extends through their first weeks with the company. We create onboarding guides for the hiring manager and the new hire with all the information, paperwork, checklists, training plans, and performance expectations that get the employment relationship started off on the right foot. This approach results in the new employee being equipped with the information they need to quickly get up to speed in their role while their manager can easily manage all onboarding details.


Feel confident knowing you have up-to-date documents, including:

  • A pre-boarding checklist to ensure you have everything you need before the new hire’s arrival
  • An onboarding checklist to ensure all boxes are ticked off and topics are covered once the new team member begins
  • A first day and first-week experience and schedule customized to your organization
  • An onboarding email to give the new employee that holds everything they need to have and need to know for their first day
  • A high-level overview of employment-related information that will integrate them into your culture and way of doing thins
  • Health and safety documents and training that is legislatively required
  • 30 & 90-day feedback forms to ensure clarity and communication on performance objectives and cultural expectations

Get all of these customized and curated documents for $1750.


This type of service is just what you need if you’re...

...Tired of the scramble.
...You want the inside operations of your business to match the seamless customer service you provide.
...You know onboarding increases engagement and effectiveness, and there is an opportunity in your business to do an incredible job of it.
...You have a fantastic team that can execute a great onboarding process making new team members feel extraordinarily welcomed if the right tools and protocols were given to them.

Now is the time to get started. Don’t let another new hire miss out on the great experience your team can provide them when they join your business. Before you know it, your next dream team member will be coming on board, so take action now.


Slow your scroll through these FAQ’s

  1. We are a fully remote environment. Do you build virtual onboarding programs?
    Certainly do! Having a program that integrates multiple stakeholders to ensure that a new remote employee feels welcomed and incorporated into the operations is even more important given how they will be missing the face-to-face interactions that typically occur in physical location work environments.
  2. How do I know what is required to be included in onboarding training for my company?
    We ensure you are compliant from a payroll, employment standards and safety training perspective for your province and industry.
  3. One of the opportunities our business has is executing onboarding. Do you help with that?

Through our HR Relief services, we can take care of the communication and set-up of your new team members so they feel taken care of and supported before ever stepping foot in your business.


….Imagine feeling prepared with a plan when your new talent starts rather than scrambling to keep them busy.
….Imagine how confident your new hires are going to feel in their decision to join your company.
….Imagine having HR Relief.

It doesn’t have to be a dream. Now is the time to partner with the experts to build your organization’s onboarding program.