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The Essential Hiring Toolbox

Confidently grow your team with foolproof hiring support…

...even if you've never hired before or DON’T know where to start.


You know that if you want to grow your business and fist-pump your way to your highest revenue month without working around the clock or taking your cell phone to bed with you... you NEED to HIRE.

…But the cringe-worthy feelings that come up are worse than having to do that “group cheer” exercise on a team-building field trip.

Do you lay in bed at night wondering...

...Where am I going to find the right person to hire?
...How do I know who I should hire?
...What questions should I ask in an interview?
...What paperwork do I need to make sure my business is safe?

...What do I pay them? How do I pay them?

...Where will I find the time to train them?

...I know there are a lot of laws to protect employees, what do I need to do to be compliant?

Maybe you’ve googled and printed enough templates to make you wonder if your “eco” sensibilities have been utterly destroyed…


The Essential Hiring Toolbox is created specifically for business owners and managers who are…

 … looking to hire their first employee and want the support and information in one place – at their fingertips.

… turning to the job market to continue building the dream team after hiring Aunt Margery, Cousin Calvin, and your brother-in-law’s friend from high school.

… looking to establish themselves as an employer of choice!

… running a great business and want to ensure potential candidates have a great experience as they go through the recruitment, selection, and onboarding process.

… busy managing all the details of a successful start-up with no time to research the complexities of employment law, payroll compliance, health and safety legislation, recruitment processes, and employment best practices.

… looking for the guidance and support of an HR professional but aren’t ready (quite yet) to enjoy the freedom of having full HR Relief TM!


If this sounds familiar, you're in the right place!

We're ALL about helping you answer those pesky hiring questions bobbing around in your head. It's time to STOP asking Dr. Google how to hire an employee and START building a killer team with total confidence. 

Essential HR’s Essential Hiring Toolbox is your connection to HR experts that will eliminate the overwhelm and ensure you feel confident in taking the hiring leap.

It includes a complete hiring kit with 1-on-1 support to help you easily recruit and onboard new team members, so you have…

… the 1-on-1 support and guidance through the process from a seasoned HR professional in your corner.

… a road map providing you with the direction and tools to get the right person onboard quickly.

… all the documents and checklists you need to be compliant with Health and Safety legislation and employment legislation in Ontario.

…  an expertly customized position description of the role you're hiring for, so you'll know the perfect candidate when you meet them.

… A quick-and-dirty list of customized hiring questions so you'll know EXACTLY what to ask qualified candidates during an interview.

… a simple process to help you turn your job description into a training plan for onboarding and outlines what success looks like in your available role.

Tell Me More!

The Essential Hiring Toolbox gives you the expert support you want when you're taking the hiring leap. It includes EVERYTHING you need to recruit, select, and onboard your new dream team

You'l have all the documents and processes to show your new team member how fantastic you and your business operations are and solidify they've made a great decision to work for you!

But the best part?

You get the relief of having a trusted HR expert on speed dial to help you through the process of implementing all the resources in the toolbox!

No more waiting on hold or “pressing 0” to try and get your questions answered.  

You aren’t left on your own to sink or swim with a bunch of documents and information.

You'll have someone to build your unique process alongside you and answer all your questions.

Included With The Toolbox

You'll receive three 45-minute consultations with an Essential HR Business Partner. How will you use the time? That's up to you, but we suggest:

...On the first call, let's focus on creating your customized Job Description, Job Posting, Interview Guide, and Recruitment Strategy.
On the second call, follow up with any recruitment and compliance questions you have and let's customize your onboarding guide together. 
n the third call, we can walk you through your new customizable policy manual and make sure you have considered who you are as an employer, what you provide for your team members, and finalize it in writing! 

Our comprehensive toolkit download also includes the following 4 guides:

  1. Recruitment Flow Guide - All the templates you need to replicate the process for all future hiring needs.
  2. Onboarding Guide – A detailed list of things to do pre-hire, day of, and post-hire to ensure you have accounted for administrative details, are following training legislation, and are providing your new team member with a great experience. It also includes a “print-and-go” section of all the documents you need to hire an employee in Ontario including self-directed WHMIS training as well as Anti-Violence & Harassment Training for new hires.
  3. Payroll & Safety Compliance Package – A one-stop-show of legislated requirements and detailed guidance from a payroll, safety, and employment legislation perspective for a business hiring in Ontario.
  4. Customizable Policy Manual – The first 13 policies you need to establish and consider when hiring new team members, communicating your employer brand, and staying in compliance with employment and safety legislation.

Our signature hiring processes will get you, qualified candidates, quicker than you can get through the line-up for half-price Cinnabons at 5 o'clock!


What forms do I need new hires to complete?
If you are hiring in Ontario, our “Essential Hiring Toolbox” comes with every form and document that you need to recruit, select, and onboard your new team member! As a bonus, if you are looking to apply for hiring and training grants, you also will have everything you need to assure the grant provider that your systems and policies are set-ups

What if I have more than one type of person that I'm looking to hire?
Once we have created your first job description, job posting, and interview guide, you can replicate and customize the documents for additional team members that you want to bring on board.

Want to make it even easier on yourself? We can complete job descriptions for any current or upcoming team members for you! Let us help you get those details out of your brain and onto a document that you can use to standardize, train, and manage the performance of your team. Contact us to learn more about our additional services.

What if this isn't my first hire, will it still work for me?
Absolutely! Since you have a team, you know about the importance of having a system and approach to not only save you time and mental fatigue, but also to help present yourself to candidates in a way that shows thought, consideration, and as the incredible employer you are!

What if I will be hiring soon and want the toolkit, but I don’t need the 1-on-1 consultations just yet because I’m not 100% clear on what the role is?
No problem. When you download the toolkit, it will provide you with a link to book your 1-on-1 calls. Your 1-on-1 calls don’t expire, so grab the guide now and save the calls for when you need them!

And if you want us to help carry the load of helping you work through and clarify the thoughts you have about what you need, we’ve got your back on that too!

What if I live in a different province or state?
Our toolbox is created specifically for employers in Ontario, but legislative requirements across Canada have many similarities. And the universal best practices behind our recruitment documents, onboarding guides, and policy manual basics are foundations for forming a solid employment relationship.

You are able to use the time in 3 x 45-minute strategy calls with your HR Business Partner to further customize aspects of your Essential Hiring Toolbox to your specific area’s legislation.

What if I don't have time or want additional support with the pre-screening and interviewing?
If you are looking for more support through the recruitment and hiring process, check out our full recruitment services. We can pre-screen candidates on your behalf and present you with only the best!

Still on the fence?