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Calling all leaders who...

... had to hire, like, yesterday.

… want the candidates' experience of the process to match the great Company you've built.

…feel they're missing out on great talent because their recruitment process takes way too long.

…would love to only conduct interviews with individuals whose practical skills line up with what's outlined on their resumes.

...want to make sure they aren't "settling" for a candidate just because they're too short on time to follow through on a solid recruitment strategy.

While you leaf through a resume stack of "independent team players," does your "to-do" list for your operations continue to grow? You can't help but wonder, 'Is there a more effective way of finding our next great hire without eating up so much of my time?'


Picture this …

⇒ You have an opening on your team.
⇒ You pick up the phone and call Essential HR.
⇒ In a flash, you've booked a recruitment discovery call with one of our rockstar team members.
⇒ A short time later, they created a comprehensive job description that took all the aspects of the role from inside your head a put it onto paper.
⇒ They've turned it into a fantastic job posting, and you've given your stamp of approval to the recruitment plan.

While you continue driving your business forward, you know behind the scenes the best candidates are being courted to interview with you. And the ones that don't hit the mark? …You'll never have to waste your valuable time with them.

Sound exactly like what you've been looking for?

We know recruiting and selecting new hires takes time. A LOT of time. Time you don't necessarily have.

Essential HR's Recruitment Services are created for businesses who want the right candidate in the right position as quickly as possible but keep getting sidelined by other activities.

This snap-your-fingers, done-for-you service uplevels and streamlines your recruitment process while freeing up your valuable calendar of administrative and time-consuming tasks.  Moving quality candidates through the recruitment flow pipeline... quickly and efficiently.

Announcing - Essential HR's Recruitment Services!  We take the administrative and mundane out of the process and present you with only the best final candidates to interview and select.

What makes Essential HR's recruitment services different?

  • We aren't a recruitment agency.

  • We don't work on commission.

  • We work on a project basis making our unique recruitment approach affordable and within reach for small businesses.

  • We work for you, …as part of your team, …to find your next dream team member.

Our approach tailors the recruitment documents and communication with the candidate to your unique business, representing you as an employer of choice.

Here's what one happy client had to say:

"Essential HR was an incredible resource for my organization - they supported the development of job descriptions, hosted multi-stage interviews, and consulted with our staff to refine their roles and responsibilities. They were unbelievably helpful, speedy, and generous with their thoughtful advice and recommendations - I could not have asked for better support!"

Kayla Isabelle, Executive Director
Start-Up Canada

What's included, exactly?

In partnership with the hiring manager on your team, Essential HR will:

  1. Build a structured and robust job description.
  2. Create an attractive job posting to generate interest in suitable candidates.
  3. Curate a recruitment plan to put the posting in front of the right candidates.
  4. Build a customized 2-step interview guide based on the job description for the interview to use in the process.
  5. Review incoming resumes and narrow them down to the top qualified individuals.
  6. Video screen up to 10 potential candidates. 
  7. Provide an in-depth recap of the interview findings and provide recommendations.
  8. Set up interviews for your hiring team with the top candidates.
  9. Administrate a practical assessment for top candidates.
  10. Provide support and recommendation through the job offer process.

‚ÄčIn a 10-step nutshell, you are getting the devotion of a seasoned HR professional to create everything you need to build and execute your bullet-proof hiring strategy.

All that value (and peace of mind) for $3,350!


These services are designed for business leaders who want to effectively get the right candidate in the right seat. Leaders who don't want to resort to hiring the candidate with the most vigorous handshake or smartest pantsuit but have reviewed the best of what the market has to offer and are confident in their final decision.


Here's the thing...we're not for everyone.

You might need more than our help if…
... this role has been open for a while, and there is a lack of applications coming in.
… you're not providing market value for the role.
… you've had a hard time not micro-managing the process.

Time is of the essence. Your next dream team member is ready to join your great Company, contribute to your operation's strategic goals, and make an impact.

If you know it's time to grow, but you're letting lack of time to invest in the process stop you.... this is for you.  While you focus on what your business needs from you, let us focus on representing your Company in the realm of recruitment.

Got Some Q's?

1. What if the right person doesn't appear from the search?
Suppose our team pre-screens 10 individuals, and the right person isn't there, or the top candidates have declined the role. In that case, we will provide you with options such as reopening another recruitment search to attract new and different set of candidates or reviewing additional candidates from the first batch of resumes that were submitted.

2. Do you do headhunting?
We are not headhunters. If there is a specific person you would like us to reach out to in our search, we are happy to do that. But we specifically work with active job seekers on the market and not passive candidates.

3. Where do you post the job?
We will curate a list of potential areas for you to post the position, along with the costs of doing so. This can range from free postings to sponsoring job postings with an unlimited budget. Up to $100 credit to a job board is included with the service fee. Typically, you should expect to spend $250-$400 on job posting boards to garner a decent amount of applications. 

4. Can we add on additional interviews if there is more than one role available?
Absolutely. We can customize the number of pre-screens you would like our team to conduct to ensure an appropriate number of top candidates are available for you to choose from!

5. We've never done a practical assessment. What is that?
A practical assessment is a real-life scenario that your candidate will work through that mimics what they will be doing in their role. It's an excellent way to make sure the candidate can do what they say they can do.

Ready to get started? Contact us today for more information.