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HR Relief™

Our signature HR Relief™ program is the simplest way for your business to have full HR support at your side and on your speed dial.

Have you ever stared at your computer thinking to yourself, “I just wish there was somebody who could...

... write this letter to an employee to document their performance,
... make the process of navigating a difficult workplace situation so much easier, or
... who knew exactly how to deal with this unexpected leave of absence or workplace injury.”

When you partner with us you never have to feel alone in dealing with workplace situations.

Yes, we’ll even take the reins when your best employee suddenly has to take family leave during the holidays!

Imagine ...

... only having to interview the best candidates for the role,
... your team's actions aligning with their role objectives,
... your discussions with team members are around their goals and growth potential and not just the history of their performance,
... you have clarity around your compensation policy, and
... you don’t have to fill out the insurance forms or make those calls to the adjudicator!

That’s HR Relief™!

HR Relief™ is when you have a connection to an experienced professional who not only can help you through these types of situations but is someone you actually want to talk to! (Amazing concept, right?)

How Does It Work?

Our HR Relief™ program is a virtual service that starts at $1500 per month for a 6-month commitment that will give you confidence in the HR systems and programs within your workplace.

Some call it a retainer, we see it as a “partnership” that can save you from longer days and sleepless nights. As your business continues to evolve, we will understand the dynamics of your team keeping you compliant in the face of complex situations and changing legislation.

Your Essential HR Business Partner will collaborate with you to design the right systems that will help you make the right decisions for your unique workplace which could include:

  • Job Description Creation and Revision
  • Crafting Employee Letters and Other Legal Documentation
  • Creating Performance Management & Development Programs
  • Curating Onboarding Systems
  • Reviewing Compensation Structures
  • Writing Policies & Protocols
  • Advising on Employee Issues
  • Full-cycle WSIB/WCB Coordination
  • Providing Managerial Crisis Support

Regularly scheduled check-ins with your senior leadership and operations team ensure that your business is getting the best support to mitigate situations before they become problems. Out of office doesn’t mean out of touch!

"But I have some questions..."

We are a small team of 15 people. Do you have a package for a team that size?
We love small teams because we love small businesses! And you are not too small to have HR Relief™. Our support packages start at only $1500 a month for companies just like yours!

I live on the opposite seaboard. Do you help businesses from here?
Absolutely! Our solutions are not plug-and-play. We curate unique programs and structures that work with your individual business culture and are in line with your local and national legislation. This is why we can work with companies from Alberta to Arizona and in Toronto and Toledo!

How long is the HR Relief™ program?
It is a 6-month commitment to begin to fully understand the benefits of having an HR Relief partner on your team. After that time, we will reassess to make sure the support package you have is right for your business.

I have other Managers and Supervisors who could use the help of an HR Relief™ partner. Do you only work with business owners or can you work with my whole team?
We love working with people at all levels, whether that be directly with front-line team members, their Supervisors & Managers, or the Board of Directors!

Still, wondering if HR Relief™ is for you?

If you can shout “YES!” to the following, then the HR Relief program is perfect for you!

... You have a team of 5-50 people!
... You are downright tired of dealing with sticky employee situations yourself. You’re ready to bring a professional in to do that for you.
... You want some you-betcha consistency so you can reduce inefficiency and attract and retain the best talent.
...You’ve put off hiring an HR employee because lets be honest, there aren’t 40 hours a week of work to actually do!

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