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The Role of HR in Enhancing Workplace Safety
By Laura Tolhoek
Every year, nearly 1,000 Canadians die from work-related accidents, and many more are injured. What steps can you take to execute your role effectively and enhance workplace safety? Find some specific examples below.
3 Fun Virtual Games For Your Next Team Building Session
With remote work likely to stay, a simple virtual team-building session at the end of the workweek is one way to boost morale. Listed below are a few virtual games you can try in your next remote team-building session.
Can one bad apple spoil the bunch?
Don't let one negative employee create a toxic work environment.
Crafting the New Employee Experience
Onboarding, when done correctly, is the process that ensures a positive first impression for the new employee and starts the employment relationship off on the right foot.
5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Hiring Practises
Your small business is ready to grow. Hiring employees is a big investment; protect your business by hiring right.
3 Tips to Make Your Meetings Engaging
Lead meetings that people actually want to attend.
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