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Welcome to Essential HR! Our female-led team of HR rockstars supports the growth of small businesses, just like yours!

We don’t see ourselves as just another consulting company that comes in like a whirlwind, throwing the book at you and heading out the door. We are a high-touch partnership for your business - a group of passionate professionals that you actually want to talk to! (Amazing concept, right?). We take the best parts of our decades of (big-budget) corporate experience and customize it to be even more effective in your unique small business environments. 

Essential HR was born from the idea of having flexible options. We wanted to provide support to small businesses that didn't necessarily need a full-time HR person on payroll but still needed an experienced person to help navigate those situations that could cause risk and stress within their operations. 

Our hometown feel and friendly vibes make it easy to feel comfortable asking questions and getting the answers you need to manage sticky situations and reduce your monthly Tylenol expenses. 

As our business has grown, we have realized that we are on to something good...

We’ve met some incredible entrepreneurs and business directors. We’ve partnered with amazing clients and developed creative HR programs alongside passionate leadership teams. And, we’ve fallen more in love with small business and the tenacity of their owners and managers. 

Wondering who these people are who love HR so much? Meet the Essential HR team that makes the business come to life.



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Laura Tolhoek, CHRL



Laura Tolhoek knows that when a business faces HR problems, there is no room for ambiguity, only positive results. She has crafted a team of HR professionals who are driven to work with clients by helping sort through the details and providing solutions.

For over 15 years, Laura has used sound HR practices with a pragmatic approach to improve business performance. She has worked with some of the biggest players in the restaurant, foodservice and retail world as an integral member of the HR team. She is not only comfortable but excels in high-volume, smart decision environments.

Laura is also a Certified Human Resource Leader (CHRL) through the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA). Her passion is navigating through situations with Managers, helping guide decisions, and instilling confidence with actionable steps. She is comfortable dealing with complex issues that arise in fast-paced industries and recognizes the tenacity required for a company, large or small, to be successful. 

In her spare time, Laura enjoys the company of her husband and two children. The kids continue to help her hone her leadership skills of negotiation and compromise, and almost a decade in, her husband is starting to warm up to the performance reviews. On a summer day, you will find her on a softball diamond, gardening, or cheering on the Blue Jays. She is also a big fan of HGTV. She appreciates all sorts of travel, provided it in no way resembles camping.

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Lynette Zehr

Human Resources Business Partner


Lynette Zehr masterfully helps businesses curate their HR systems so that employers and employees can thrive in their workplaces. Her experience managing all aspects of the employment relationship across multiple industries gives her a common sense approach in partnering with managers at all levels. Lynette’s 10+ years of experience is anchored by her Master’s Degree in Industrial Relations and Human Resources.  And, her intense curiosity of business environments and details makes her the perfect addition to the Essential HR team.

Lynette’s passion for HR is equally matched by her love of current affairs. She can insert a reference to a CBC article or radio interview into any conversation. It is with this same enthusiasm and intense curiosity that she works with clients to understand the challenges that they face and provides practical recommendations on how to resolve them.

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Erin Poredos

Business Development & Marketing


Erin Poredos is an eternal optimist who thrives on personal connection, collaboration, and a common goal of helping others. She believes the unique strength of her relationships are cultivated by compassion, constant curiosity, and the drive to see clients succeed. With 14 years of multifaceted experience in sales, marketing, content creation, brand development, and client relations, Erin provides an innovative and creative approach to developing and building opportunities for Essential HR.
In addition to her passion for connection, Erin is a dedicated advocate for health and wellness - particularly mental health and the well-being of others. She’s currently enrolled in the Health & Life Coach Certificate program at The Health Coach Institute and recently launched a mental wellness coaching & events community for women called, "The Joy Tribe Co."
Reach out to Erin to learn more about Essential HR’s service offerings, referral programs, and signature masterclasses … or if you just want someone to chat with to brighten your day!
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Jessica  Arnett

Human Resources Business Partner


With over 14 years of knowledgeable experience in human resources management, Jessica Arnett spends much of her time in consultations with managers for all areas of human resources, including recruitment, performance management, compensation, labour relations and policy development. Her broad experience varies from working with large corporations and small business. Jessica holds a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation. Jessica enjoys creating innovative recruitment programs, developing valued relationships, and finding customized HR solutions to fit the business culture. Her extensive recruitment experience is where she has found her passion. Jessica loves working with organizations in developing and implementing strategic initiatives for improved recruitment and onboarding experiences.

In addition to her excitement for Human Resources, Jessica is an outdoor enthusiast who loves spending time exploring. She is an experienced backcountry camper and spends most weekends in the mountains, hiking, swimming, kayaking, or just enjoying the fresh air with a good book. Jessica’s commitment to work is closely matched with her passion for exploration. After spending months travelling North America, Jessica and her family have settled in British Columbia, where they’ve found the ideal balance for their adventurous lifestyle.

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