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Crisis Support

Crisis Support

When unexpected workplace situations pop up, or festering employee issues come to a head, you can rely on our years of experience and industry expertise to guide you through the problem. Our crisis support services guide employers through situations such as:

  • Performance issues that require immediate attention and action - I think my employee is stealing from the company, what do I do? My employee wants to change their work schedule due to childcare obligations. Am I required to oblige?
  • Terminations – This person is not a good fit for my company, what are my options?
  • Investigations – An employee has alleged that their supervisor has been harassing them. How do I handle this situation? (Or, can you handle the investigation for us?)  
  • Safety Concerns – The Ministry of Labour (MOL) dropped by unexpectantly and issued orders. HELP!
  • Workplace Safety Insurance (WSIB) Issues – An accident just happened on the shop floor. The employee is on the way to the hospital. What is a Form 7? How do I fill it out? How and when can the employee come back to work?
  • HR administration and operation questions - What is the best HR Software for my company? How do I issue a ROE?

Our a la carte pricing for crisis support allows you to choose just the services that you need.

Contact us today and we can show you how our partnerships can save you from longer days, sleepless nights, and keep you compliant in the face of complex situations and changing legislation.