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Managing Absenteeism in an Era of COVID-19
Practical tips for managing excessive absenteeism within the framework of COVID-19 health and safety.
Performance Reviews in the age of COVID-19
Should you abandon your performance reviews and development plans for the first half of 2020? Our HR Experts answer your performance review questions in the age of COVID-19.
How to Recall Employees From Layoff
As of June 1, 2020, the Government of Ontario made changes to the ESA so that the 13 and 35 week window for recall no longer apply. Find out the best tips to recall employees to work when you are ready.
Business as Unusual: Return to Workplace Framework
Is this your first time preparing a workforce to return to the office in the wake of a global pandemic? Take a page out of our notebook and use our Return to Work Framework to build your strategy.
Business As Unusual: It's a Sign!
What type of signage do you need during Covid-19 as your business reopens? Its time to make a plan for preparing signage to enforce physical distancing and to make sure that both visitors and staff are kept safe.
Business As Unusual: Training Through A Pandemic
Essential HR is bringing you a 5-part series examining all things people related that you should start planning for as your business re-opens it's physical workspaces.
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