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Bill 27- Working for Worker's Act, 2021- What you need to Know
By Laura Tolhoek
On November 30, 2021, the Government of Ontario passed Bill 27, the Working for Worker's Act, 2021. So, what does that mean? Let's break it down for you.
Do I have to provide Bereavement Leave in Canada?
Are you unsure about your requirements to provide bereavement leave in Canada? Read this blog post to learn more!
Supporting Workers Through Sick Leave Policies in Canada
Abuse of sick leave in Canada is a hot button topic, but what about those who don't stay home when they are ill? Those employees are spreading illnesses to all others - affecting your bottom line!
Are policies anything more than workplace rules?
Having a well-drafted policy improves the operational efficiency of a workplace, as they serve several legal and communicative functions.
Using Emojis in the Workplace
When communicating for job-related purposes the goal should be to keep your messages professional. Where do emojis fit into this?
Marijuana in the Workplace
the legalization of recreational use of marijuana raises challenges for Canadian employers. In this blog post we are going to provide a summary about what you need to know about marijuana in the workplace.
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