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What Would You Do: Employees Who Wear Inappropriate Clothing to Work
By Lynette Zehr
Do you have that one employee who shows up to work (or zoom call) in their best beachwear? Learn some practical tips on how to address employees' inappropriate work attire.
Hiring Cousin Karen: Best Practices in Family Businesses
By Lynette Zehr
It can be convenient to hire your mom's first cousin, or your Sales Manager's nephew, but there are many precautions that you must take when hiring family members.
Personality Tests When Hiring: Proceed With Caution
By Renata Hyszko
When using personality testing as part of the recruitment process there are steps that employers must take to ensure that they remain in compliance with candidate privacy rights and human rights.
What Would You Do?: Your Employee Has Bad Body Odour
By Lynette Zehr
A conversation about body odour will not be easy, but if you are prepared, it is more likely to run smoothly.
Performance Reviews in the age of COVID-19
By Laura Tolhoek
Should you abandon your performance reviews and development plans for the first half of 2020? Our HR Experts answer your performance review questions in the age of COVID-19.
What's the Risk?: Serving Alcohol at Workplace Events
By Lynette Zehr
Many employees expect alcohol to be served at work holiday parties or social functions. However the risks of serving alcohol at work events can outweigh the benefits.
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