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Is That Coffee Break Guaranteed?
There is often a misunderstanding surrounding coffee breaks and what breaks are required by law. However, what is required by law, and what is best for employees can be two different things.
Snow Days: How to Manage and Who Pays?
When snow is looming on the radar, be prepared with a clear Inclement Weather Policy to avoid confusion and frustration.
Managing Absenteeism in an Era of COVID-19
Practical tips for managing excessive absenteeism within the framework of COVID-19 health and safety.
What Would You Do?: Employee Excessively Surfs the Internet
Manage the performance issues behind employees who excessively surf the internet.
What Would You Do?: Employee Posts Slander on Social Media
When employees' social media posts are damaging to a company's reputation, disciplinary actions should be taken.
Why Promoting Your Best Employee Isn't Good For Business
Great employees don't inherently have the skills to become great managers. Set your employees up for success when promoting to leadership positions.
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