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Understanding Your Turnover
Collect data to implement the right initiatives in your workplace that can reduce turnover.
Is That Coffee Break Guaranteed?
There is often a misunderstanding surrounding coffee breaks and what breaks are required by law. However, what is required by law, and what is best for employees can be two different things.
Snow Days: How to Manage and Who Pays?
When snow is looming on the radar, be prepared with a clear Inclement Weather Policy to avoid confusion and frustration.
Managing Absenteeism in an Era of COVID-19
Practical tips for managing excessive absenteeism within the framework of COVID-19 health and safety.
What Would You Do?: Employee Excessively Surfs the Internet
Manage the performance issues behind employees who excessively surf the internet.
What Would You Do?: Employee Posts Slander on Social Media
When employees' social media posts are damaging to a company's reputation, disciplinary actions should be taken.
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