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Financial Wellness Plans for Employees
Financially stressed employees are 5 times more likely to be distracted at work and 46% spend 3 hours or more a week dealing with financial issues.
Why Your Best Players Quit the Game
Turnover is a natural and, for the most part, a regular part of a healthy business. However, when strong team members leave an organization, they leave a void of knowledge, skills, history and relationships which can impact the rest of the organization.
Can Your Personality Get You Fired:   Managing Your Company's Don Cherry
Don Cherry is known for and often revered for his outspoken and passionate outpourings about Canada. What would you do if you had an outspoken employee in your workplace?
Do I have to provide Bereavement Leave in Canada?
Are you unsure about your requirements to provide bereavement leave in Canada? Read this blog post to learn more!
Supporting Workers Through Sick Leave Policies in Canada
Abuse of sick leave in Canada is a hot button topic, but what about those who don't stay home when they are ill? Those employees are spreading illnesses to all others - affecting your bottom line!
What Can You Do If Employees Are Discussing Their Pay?
People will talk money whether it is discouraged or not. Feelings of jealousy may take hold, and employees may draw false conclusions about why the numbers line up the way they do. Not all employees will calmly rationalize that varying levels of experience or skill sets — or job performance, training, industry experience and tenure with a company — are all factors in an employee's salary.
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