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Employee Files - Oh, What Fun!
By Laura Tolhoek
How to organize your files to separate out Legal, Training, Medical and WSIB information to ensure efficiency and privacy.
5 Essential Tips To Aligning Employee Performance to Business Objectives
By Laura Tolhoek
Are you still using the traditional performance appraisal in your organization? We hope this article inspires you to take a different perspective when it comes to evaluating the performance of your team.
Social Profiles and Potential Recruits
By Laura Tolhoek
Considerations around digital background checks in the age of social media.
Marijuana in the Workplace
By Laura Tolhoek
the legalization of recreational use of marijuana raises challenges for Canadian employers. In this blog post we are going to provide a summary about what you need to know about marijuana in the workplace.
By Laura Tolhoek
What would you do if two employees couldn't figure out how to get along?
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