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Are Reference Checks Still Relevant?
By Laura Tolhoek
Are reference checks still a valuable use of time?
The Law of Disconnecting
The Federal government is reviewing the idea of updating the requirements of after hours responses in the Labour Code. What can we proactively do to help our organization and ourselves find a better balance?
What Would You Do: If You Have a Preferred Internal Candidate?
By Laura Tolhoek
What would you do if you have a job opening available and a preferred internal candidate? Is there a point in posting the job for other internal employees to apply?
What Would You Do: Employee Who Uses Terms of Endearment
By Laura Tolhoek
What would you do if you had an employee who used words such as "dear," "sweetie," or "girls" with colleagues and customers?
Do You Suffer from Decision Fatigue?
By Claudia Miele
Could you be suffering from decision fatigue and not even know it? Read through to learn about this concept and how to manage it in your daily routines!
By Laura Tolhoek
What would do you do about an employee who doesn't have their work completed on time?
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